Hi, I’m Ben!

I’m 25 years young & from Norway.

Growing up, I’ve seen a lot of “role models” of who not to be..
And the “who I wanted to be” has kind of always been clearly defined:

A good human being.

I’ve spent a great deal of time in other people’s shoes..
So I never really had an clear idea of what I were actually gonna do. For me.

Obviously, I know that anything that is for me..
Usually involves some kind of charity type work.
Being as small as lending an ear to listen.

And I’ve might found a way. Wich involves several smaller goals:
OnMyAdventure is first step: Something that can generate the funds needed to move to the next step.

So what is OnMyAdventure, you say?
It’s a project created with a friend in Pakistan, we want to make accessories/clothing that means something.
We want to spread a message of hope, humanity, care & compassion.
In any way we can; even if it is as small as a tee with a simple message.
The “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” design is one.
As it is my belief that a life with no expectations, only lessons and great memories. Is the purest way to live.